Prince Salman Center for Disability Research (PSCDR)
ExxonMobil Saudi Arabia is a founding member of the Center, which since its establishment, has effectively changed the lives of people with disabilities in the Kingdom by providing them with the tools and support necessary to become productive members of Saudi society. PSCDR supports basic and applied research, and promotes the application of new knowledge to benefit individuals living with disabilities. As a part of its mission, PSCDR hopes to advance new insights into the causes of disabilities and develop new strategies to prevent or reduce their impact.

Disabled Children’s Association (DCA)
The Disabled Children’s Association’s mission is the care and rehabilitation of children with disabilities across the kingdom, to enable them to become more independent and self-sufficient.  The organization provides comprehensive multi-disciplinary professional services to children with disabilities including therapeutic, educational, habilitation and social services, as well as taking an active role in raising awareness about disabilities.

ExxonMobil Saudi Arabia is the sole sponsor of the organization’s library, a key facility supporting the education of children with disabilities.

Zahra Breast Cancer Association
Breast cancer is the single leading cause of cancer death for Saudi women.  Research has shown however, that early detection can drastically improve survival rates. The association raises awareness on the issue of breast cancer in Saudi Arabia, works with health service providers to improve services to breast cancer patients, implements Kingdom-wide screening programs and advocates for early detection and prevention programs.

ExxonMobil Saudi Arabia sponsored the Kingdom-wide Breast Cancer Month Awareness Campaign to educate women about early detection and the different treatment options.

Saudi Alzheimer’s Disease Association
Research shows that by 2030, 52 million people globally will be affected by the disease. In Saudi Arabia, even though it is a growing concern amongst the elderly population, little is known about its prevalence, diagnosis, cost of care, and availability of treatment. The association strives to enhance the quality of life of the people affected by the disease, by implementing advocacy programs and supporting research. It aims to spread awareness amongst the population, and dispel the misconceptions surrounding the disease.


Charitable Society for Special Needs in Jubail Industrial City (Eradah)
ExxonMobil Saudi Arabia sponsors Eradah, which is committed to developing, nurturing and refining the skills of people with special needs, through early intervention. The organization strives toward the complete integration of people with special needs into society.

ExxonMobil Saudi Arabia supported the association’s fund-raiser, held on International Volunteer Day at the Reem International Race Circuit. The event attracted thousands of people, and served as a platform to raise funds to support education programs, and increase public awareness of the disease.